Atrium Sat300

Compact staked outdoor loudspeaker

  • Can be planted in your landscaping, hung from your ceiling or the eaves, or installed anywhere you want to mix great sound with the great outdoors
  • Acoustically-matched two-way design delivers dynamic sound on its own, or blends seamlessly with the Atrium Sub100, even in wide-open outdoor spaces
  • Withstands years of weather with a mineral-filled polypropylene housing, 1mm aluminium grille & stainless steel hardware
  • Dynamic Balance® driver technology


Atrium Sat300

The innovative Sat300 satellite speakers can be planted in your landscaping, hung from your ceiling or the eaves, or installed anywhere you want to mix great sound with the great outdoors. Designed to mimic stylish lighting fixtures whilst delivering high-performance audio, this is a full-range speaker that can blend into a wide range of landscapes and environments. And it's designed to pair perfectly with a Sub100 for a real high performance audio system.

Dynamic Balance® Driver Technology

3 1/2-inch long-throw midrange driver with 1-inch voice coil, vented pole-piece, rugged butyl rubber surround and composite cone; 3/4-inch composite dome neodymium tweeter.


Capable of handling up to 100 Watts of power to deliver superb clarity, detail and high efficiency with less distortion, at both moderate and higher volume levels, even in outdoor environments.

Tweeter Performance

Flying bridge-mounted tweeter never gets in the way of the woofer, for smooth, realistic sound in a compact housing.

Bass Performance

Capacitive Coupling Technology is an advanced signal-blocking technology that determines exactly where a small speaker usually skimps on bass output. Special circuitry then compensates by boosting response in this critical frequency range. More bass response means a wider dynamic range with more musical realism.


Exclusive shock absorbing gasket withstands blows from weed whackers, mowers and other lawn equipment - plus, the metal security plate foils thieves and keeps Sat300s planted safely in your garden. Also includes a 1 metre Cl3-rated direct burial pigtail cable to eliminate exposed wiring.


Maximum wiring flexibility with built-in high-performance crossover technology. The Sat300, with built-in high-pass filter, can be connected directly to its own amplifier channels for independent volume control. Or an easy two-channel connection can be made by connecting the three-speaker sub/sat system to your two-channel amplifier.

  • Especificaciones


  • Cant. de piezas


  • Accesorios incluidos
    (1) Estaca
    (1) Placa de seguridad
    (1) Tapa colgante
    (1) Protector de goma
    (1) Perno de anillo
    (2) Conectores de ajuste
    (1) Tarjeta de registro
    (1) Plantilla de montaje
    (1) Tornillo de cabeza plana n.º 10
    (2) Tornillos de cabeza plana n.º 6
    (1) Arandela de presión
    (2) Conectores de torsión
    (1) Manual del propietario


  • Garantía de la caja
    5 años
  • Garantía de los conos
    5 años
  • Comprador original únicamente

Cajas de envío

  • Caja 1
    13" (33,02 cm) al. x 11,6" (29,46 cm) an. x 9,25" (23,5 cm) prof. - 5.65 lb (2.56 kg)

Altavoz de exteriores

  • Cantidad incluida
  • Altura
    7" (17.78 cm)
  • Ancho
    5.5" (13.97 cm)
  • Prof.
    8.4" (21.34 cm)
  • Peso
    3.25 lb (1.47 kg)
  • Tipo de recinto de los conos
    Caja de polipropileno duradero con carga mineral
  • Complemento de cono
    (1)  Cono compuesto de 3.5" (8.89 cm) diám. (redondo) con borde de goma de butilo Dynamic Balance y estructura motriz extendida - Mid/Woofer
    (1)  Tweeter de 0.75" (1.91 cm) diám. (redondo) de poliuretano con imán de neodimio Dynamic Balance - Tweeter

Calidad de audio

  • Respuesta en frecuencia total
    100 Hz → 22,000 Hz
  • Impedancia nominal
    8 ohmios
  • Sensibilidad (1 vatio a 1 metro)
    83 dB
  • Límite inferior y superior a -3 dB
    115 Hz → 20,000 Hz

Amplificador externo

  • Potencia de amplificación recomendada por canal
    10 vatios → 100 vatios

Montaje en la pared

  • Tipo de montaje
    Soporte de pared

Montaje colgante

  • Tipo de montaje

Montaje en el suelo

  • Tipo de montaje
    Estaca con placa de seguridad

Resistente al agua

  • Calificaciones

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