nov. 29, 2017

The Benefits of Voice Control for Music

Voice control unlocks new possibilities in home audio systems, giving enthusiasts a better way to control music streaming from their sound bar or AV receiver without picking up a remote.

Voice control and home automation are game changers, providing better ways to do everything from adjusting the thermostat to shopping for groceries. This kind of power is perfect for audiophiles, too, who always want to place themselves in total command of the listening experience with customized audio setups that capture the nuances of every recording. If you're in the market for a home audio system, consider how voice control could make your daily listening more convenient and fun.

Give the word and stream music to your sound bar

Music apps and streaming services have already brought fans access to huge libraries of songs wherever they go. With a voice-controlled virtual assistant, you don't have to stop what you're doing or find a remote to queue up the next song. You can simply request an artist, album, track or a selection of music that suits your current mood or activity.

For example, the Polk MagniFi MAX SR sound bar system is a great way to get the most out of controlling music with your voice. With its Google Chromecast Built-in feature, you can stream music from your favorite apps over Wi-Fi, connect to your Google Home speaker to create a whole home audio system and use voice commands to control your music.

Start talking to your AV receiver

With the right AV receiver and speakers, you can dive into a full range of theatrical effects, enjoying music and films alike with amazingly detailed sound. And there are even some HEOS-enabled devices that  link up with Amazon Alexa to unlock new possibilities for seamlessly playing the songs you love, while providing cutting-edge control and incredible sound in one room or many.

With the HEOS Home Entertainment skill enabled in your Alexa app, you can give detailed commands to a receiver like Marantz's SR 8012 or Denon's AVR-X6400H. With zones established throughout your home, you can specify artists you want to hear and where you want them to play. If you want to get pumped while preparing for the day, have Alexa play Kendrick Lamar in the bedroom. When you're winding down for the evening, request some Etta James in the living room.

Voice commands are changing the way we listen to music at home, and Polk is a company that’s at the forefront of this tech revolution, along with a select set of other brands, leading the way in connecting virtual assistants and home audio. Explore the  full line of sound bars to discover a massive array of features to fit your specific needs.