may. 25, 2018

Three Ways a Great-Sounding Smart Speaker Will Improve Your Life

Smart speakers are a useful tool to organize, entertain and automate your world. Here's how to get the most out of them.

With voice-activated smart devices becoming an integral part of the home, along with the multitude of smart home applications available today, a smart speaker becomes a useful device to organize, entertain and automate your world. Here’s how to maximize your smart speaker experience and get the most out of its intelligence and Polk-quality sound.

Your favorite music is always on-call

Use your voice to queue up and control music from popular streaming services like Spotify, TuneIn, Pandora, YouTube Music, Google Play Music, iHeart Radio, Deezer and more. Unlike less advanced music streaming speakers that require an app to control volume, song selection, etc., a smart speaker listens to your voice for commands like "volume up" or "play the next song," and completes the action for you.

A speaker with built-in far-field microphones like the Polk Assist — the smart speaker with Google Assistant built-in — hears your request to turn the volume down from across the room. Plus, Google Assistant is intelligent enough to recognize your voice and up to five others in the household. So, if you ask Google to play your Daily Mix playlist from Spotify, the Polk Assist will play music from your account instantly.

What distinguishes the Polk Assist from other smart speakers is the same trait you'll find in all Polk products - great sound. With a 1" tweeter, 3.5" woofer and 40w amp, the Polk Assist delivers premium, room-filling sound for serious music enthusiasts.

Control your smart home with a simple command

More than just a hub for music streaming, smart speakers can serve as the command center for your connected home. With Google Assistant built-in, the Polk Assist helps automate your world. Ask it to operate your connected devices — turn on or off the lights, lock the doors, control the thermostat, customize trigger phrases for IFTTT, have your robotic vacuum get to work and more. At the time of this writing, Google Assistant works with more than 1,500 smart home devices from more than 200 popular brands, and that figure is continuously growing. The Polk Assist empowers you to control smart home devices for a seamless connected experience.

A great way to streamline life’s demands

Smart speakers provide a simple, reliable way to help with daily tasks. Ask your smart speaker to set reminders, add items to your calendar, start a timer, translate words and phrases, find a recipe to cook and more.

When asked, Google Assistant also provides a list of restaurants in your area, summons an Uber, recalls stored information, answers how late a business is open, interacts with contacts in your phone to place a call - the list of useful tasks is endless. Simply say, "Hey Google, remind me to call mom later," or, "Hey Google, how do I make chicken penne?" If you ever wanted a personal assistant but didn't have the means to keep one on retainer, here's your chance at getting a solid stand-in on a one-time purchase.

There are several Google Assistant speakers on the market, but only the Polk Assist provides the rich, room-filling sound that’s synonymous with Polk. Plus, the Polk Assist with Google Assistant built-in communicates seamlessly with the MagniFi MAX and MagniFi Mini sound bars. Tell Polk Assist to play music on the MagniFi MAX or create a multi-room group in the Google Home app to play the same song on all compatible speakers in your home. Polk Assist can even turn up the volume on the sound bar, providing hands-free home theater and entertainment.

Streamline your smart home and enjoy great-sounding, hands-free music streaming with voice automation for your home. Learn more about the Polk Assist today.